Powder Room Essentially Done

The powder room is now done with the exception of sanding and painting the door and installing trim on the window.  Here is the before picture (again):


This room also had the 9×9 tile ceiling which was replaced long ago with drywall.  You can see the small white tiles on the floor.  Here are some after pictures:

This is the first room I have done the drywall taping and mudding (and actually installed the drywall around the pipe enclosure and window frame).  The color is a deep lavender with a grayish hue.  When I first started painting the room I was really worried the color was too dark.  But after the wainscoting, trim and new lights were installed the color is fine.  The tile is 12×24 ceramic in a medium gray with white veining to make it look like marble.  As you can see, the toilet has been moved next to the vanity.   The enclosure at the end of the tub was removed except where pipes actually exist.   So it’s a good size powder room  – we’re happy to have it functioning again.


Powder Room

We have started the renovation of the first floor hall bath / powder room.  Here is what it looked like before renovation began:


The vanity was made of plywood and had tile glued to it.  The tiles on the wall were also glued directly to plywood which made removing them time consuming.   The tub was in decent shape but the finish was dull and getting the tub through the small hall and out the house was going to be a challenge so we ‘just smashed it into smaller pieces’.  The tub is cast iron so smashing it required hundreds of whacks with a sledge hammer.  Dan made the first hole then I took on the rest (except the front by the pipes).  My arms and shoulders were a bit lame a few days later but they recovered nicely.    Here are the post-demolition pictures:

The toilet use to be across from the vanity but we are moving it to the right of the vanity where the front of the tub use to be.

The handy man arrived this morning as scheduled and installed shut-off valves on the pipes so the water to just the bathroom could be turned off.    All the old pipes have been removed so tomorrow he’ll install the new sub-floor, the new pipes, and then new sheet rock on the walls.


Master Bath Problem Window

There is a tall narrow window on a small wall in the master bath.  It must have been really close to the original ceiling because once they installed the lower tile ceiling the window actually goes up into the ceiling ‘cavity’.  So installing crown molding over it and across the window frame was “interesting” – plus the frame had lots of old caulk and gouges on/in it.


Two boards were installed to finish the top of the window so when you look at it from the outside you no longer see the ceiling cavity.  The frame got the standard scrape, sand, putty, wash, caulk, and paint treatment.

And finally the threshold was cut, stained, and installed.

Time to move onto the hall bath / powder room.


Master Bath Wainscoting

Finally found time to trim out the remaining walls and baseboards in the master bathroom.  Here is a before picture:


And the after:

We plan to put the same wainscoting in the 1st floor hall bathroom / powder room.

A couple of weekends ago we planted 2 Cleveland Pear trees.  We also bought 3 Cherry trees but it’s too early to plant them.  When we went for our evening walk with Jazz we noticed that one of them has decided to blossom:

So there will be 3 pink Cherry and 2 white Pear trees to decorate the large empty corner of the property.



Library, Bedroom, and Master Bath essentially DONE!

Last week the baseboards and toe-kicks were completed in the library:

The only complicated part was cutting the hole in the baseboard for the electrical outlet (middle picture) and squeezing the baseboard in between the mantel and wall (right picture).  There use to be a cabinet under the window (1st picture) and when it was removed there was a gap between the underside of the window and the wall.  There was also some pretty significant damage under the right corner of the window.  All of that has been repaired.

The built in cabinet is finally painted.  It was the same celery green as the room and was very dirty.


The cabinet doors do not close correctly so they will need some adjustment when I have a slow day.

The bathroom vanity required some significant shims to level it.  Instead of having someone make some nice ‘feet’ I decided to just trim them out.

I still need to caulk them but the solution is going to work.

The movers arrived today as planned.  The living room couch is now in the living room and the other couch is now in the upstairs family room.

And the bedroom furniture was moved to the 1st floor master bedroom:

The middle door in the 4th picture goes to the exercise room and still needs painting.   The wall between the french doors and the middle door is where a vanity use to be.  The holes from the plumbing and electrical outlets are patched and once some wall hangings go up it will be very presentable.

And my desk and the piano are now in the library:

And Dan’s armoire and the blanket chest are now in the bathroom dressing area:


The closet to the left of the armoire was finished this week but both closets still need closet hanging racks.


Library has been Crowned!

Last Saturday Dan spent the day helping me get the crown molding hung in the library.  It is a 2 piece molding plus there was not enough dentil molding to go all the way around the room so we had to integrate non-identical molding on one wall.  Given the texture of the original molding I think it was all man made so finding exact molding was a very low probability.   Dan patiently carved the edges of the new molding to fit the old molding.

We did not get very far hanging the molding when we discovered there were gaps between the drywall on the ceiling and the molding.  In the first picture we had to screw in more drywall then install the molding.  In the second picture I taped and applied mud after the molding was installed but before I caulked.

The first 2 pictures in this group are the after version of the first group of 2 pictures.  The 4th picture shows the old and new molding together.  I will hang curtains just under the molding so it will be difficult to tell the moldings are different.

Most of the baseboard is already installed in the library but the toe-kick still needs to be installed and painted which is scheduled for tomorrow (if it’s not too cold outside – the molding gets cut on the front porch).  There is a built-in cabinet in the library but that won’t get cleaned and painted until next week.  Speaking of next week – movers will be here Thursday to move the furniture into the library and bedroom.


Bedroom Baseboard and Toe-kicks

The new baseboard arrived today so was able to get it and the toe-kicks installed.

The area under the radiator and around the pipe was really nasty (Ruth knows how bad they can be).  But it is now quite presentable – the pipe even got a new base ring.  The second picture is where the vanity use to be.  The floor was badly water stained and had several bad black spots.  I am very relieved that almost all of it came out.  Still waiting for the door trim to arrive and need to finish the bedroom closet then that room will be done!



Master Bedroom Floor Stained

The floor in the master bedroom is now stained and has had 2 coats of polyurethane applied.  Before staining I had to hand sand (with the palm sander) almost every seam in the floor because the wood planks were cupped just enough that the plate sander did not remove the prior finish in the seams.  The room is relatively small so it wasn’t too onerous.

The stain and polyurethane are quite smelly so some windows were opened to let in fresh air.  I needed to order more baseboard so hopefully that arrives tomorrow.  The closet also needs some minor work.  Then I’ll move onto installing the crown molding in the library.


Master Bedroom and Bathroom Wall Paper

The last several days have been spent working on the master bedroom and a closet.  Both the bedroom and the bathroom (only one wall) have been wall-papered.  Crown molding has been installed and painted in the bedroom.  There are 2 closets in the dressing-room / bathroom which required a lot of finishing work.  The one that was a door way into the library is now done with the exception of a 2nd coat of paint on some interior trim.

The windows still need a second coat of paint but look considerably better now that they have been trimmed, sanded, patched and have a coat of paint.  They were missing the outer trim so the drywall was flush with the inner trim and looked unfinished.

This is the one/accent wall in the dressing/bathroom that has wall paper.  The french doors separate the bedroom and bathroom.  The door to the left is to the closet I have been working on.


The drywall on each side had to be extended / patched so the baseboard would cover it.  Then the baseboard needed to be installed.  Then the trim on the inside of the door had to be installed.  Then it got painted.  The second closet will require the same work.

There is one door in the bedroom that still requires some trim work but that will wait until after the floor gets stained and finished – perhaps next week.